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Our History

Dr Pressure Sydney Pty Ltd was founded in 2019 as a partnership and has since grown to a team of 10+ dedicated professionals. The founders are two young individuals who identified a gap in the pressure cleaning industry. They have since grown a business which focuses on delivering a quality service whilst executing a premium customer experience. Since establishment, the Dr Pressure Team has delivered 500+ projects across a range of sectors and industries in the Greater Sydney Region.

The Dr Pressure Sydney Team

At Dr Pressure Sydney we pride ourselves on our open and friendly relationships with our employees and we ensure that while at work we offer the team the best available experience whilst delivering a quality service.

Dr Pressure Sydney is committed to achieving and maintaining high standards in training and development. All personnel are qualified through appropriate education, training and experience, applicable to their scope of work.


Our mission is to restore aesthetic pride and safe surfaces through removing mould and grime from all home and business environments. We want our customers to experience the premium quality Dr Pressure Sydney has to offer. We believe everyone has the right to live and work in a clean, safe and enjoyable environment.


Dr Pressures vision is to continue to grow in the commercial, industrial, residential, government and construction sectors. We are committed to developing trust, producing quality and maintaining integrity. Theses are the hallmarks of how we do business and we strive for on-going improvement.


Dr Pressure strives for repeat clients. We draw from our mission to deliver a quality service ensuring the client relationship is the top priority. We further pride ourselves on having a long term view at each project, ensuring we look beyond just the short term result to deliver future value for our clients. This is based on our core values of respect, integrity, accountability and trust.

Sectors & Industries

  • Residential Homes
  • Health Facilities & Aged Care Centres
  • Schools, Universities and Childcare Centres
  • Strata & Property Management
  • Sports Facilities
  • Shopping Centres & Car Parks
  • Commercial & Office Buildings
  • Government & Council Infrastructure
  • Construction Projects

A fantastic pressure washing service in 4 easy steps


To reach out to the Dr Pressure Sydney team, request a quote by calling 1300 511 921, or emailing admin@drpressuresydney.com.au, or requesting a quote via the link in the top right corner of the page.


One of the Dr Pressure Sydney team members will contact you and arrange a detailed quotation either remotely via our innovative technology or having an employee visit the site.


You will then receive a quote via email or verbally over the phone which you can review and approve.


Dr Pressure Sydney will then arrange a time that works best with you to come and complete the works, ensuring that you’re satisfied with the outcome.

Your Choice For All Pressure Cleaning Jobs Big Or Small

At Dr Pressure Sydney, we pride ourselves on our communication skills. We go above and beyond to communicate with our customers, precisely breaking down the scope of works by line item and providing diagrammatic mapping to visually support.


  • Customer Service
  • Free Quoting & Demonstrations
  • Fully Insured
  • Job Managing & Monitoring
  • Flexibility
  • Training and Support





Years in Business



Services Offered

Accreditation and Licensing

The Dr Pressure Sydney Team has undergone training to ensure we are safe and capable to perform all jobs. The entire team has received the following qualifications: 

  • Working at Heights (RIIWHS204D)
  • General Construction Induction Card (White Card)
  • EWP (Elevated Work Platform) Yellow Card
  • Working with Children Check.
  • First Aid + CPR – New South Wales (HLTAIDOll)

Dr Pressure has the necessary insurances to complete the services we specialise in:

  • Public Liability Insurance up to $10million.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance.
  • Plant and equipment Insurance.
Quality Control

Dr Pressures Sydney’s approach to quality management is through a culture where perfection is the benchmark. Quality is driven by our directors in an environment where pride and camaraderie is high. At Dr Pressure Sydney we work with our clients to integrate quality controls and strategies at the earliest opportunity.

Dr Pressure Sydney encourages our employee’s to learn from each other’s experiences and share best practice. We take enormous pride in the cleaning of our properties. Our teams is made up of highly skilled and enthusiastic individuals, who ensure an outcome that satisfies and often exceeds the client’s expectations.

As our service rests on the quality and reputation of our cleaning, ensuring that our employees operate at a high standard is imperative for our clients’ and our business.

Dr Pressure Sydney is also committed to achieving and maintaining high standards in training and development. All personnel are qualified through appropriate education, training and experience, applicable to their scope of work.

Area of Operations

Dr Pressure Sydney is based on the North Shore of Sydney servicing all of the Greater Sydney Region and East coast of New South Wales.


Hunters Hill



Double Bay


Point Piper







Palm Beach



Frenches Forest


Dee Why









Castle Hill


West Pennant Hills






North Sydney

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