Surface Coating

Surface Coating Benefits:

  • Extends Surface Life
  • Aesthetic finish
  • Grip for safety

Seal coating adds a protective layer over your Surface. It’s a shell that helps to protect it from the surrounding environment. This Extends the durability of the surface, keeps it cleaner and maintains its original colour for longer. Some sealers have an anti slip texture which is ideal for slippery surface finishes.

The Process:

Dr Pressures’ process involves a comprehensive high pressure clean to the entire area using our “Whirl-away” paver cleaning machine, removing any dirt, grime and residue. Once the surface is completely dry, we return to apply the sealer to the desired area.

Which Sealer is best for me?

The sealer suitable to your surface will be selected from our range of products, which have been tested, trialed and backed by years of research. Our sealer range includes, “wet look” finishes, “anti-slip” coatings and invisible coatings. They are generally water-based or solvent-based products. Due to their sturdy and hard wearing nature, they produce a strong, long lasting barrier to stains and bacteria growth.

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