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Dr Pressure Sydney has serviced a multitude of aged care and health facilities including retirement homes, medical centres and hospitals. We understand that the clients key focus is maintaining safety of the residents and throughout the period of their stay. Through ensuring that the environment is clean and free of toxins that can be found in mildew, mould and moss Dr Pressure Sydney can ensure that the clients will have the healthiest of stays.

At Dr Pressure we embrace a ‘Safety’ culture and it is a key consideration with every project, actively creating an environment that is safe and hazard-free for both our clients, team members and the community.

Leading the way in specialised cleaning techniques, We can rejuvenate outdoor surfaces by removing soaked oil stains, mould and mildew in damp environments, well settled dirt and grime on paved or concrete surfaces which can be slippery and dangerous to walk on.

We value that for our health and aged care clients the cleanliness is a key focus for the first impression of the consumers. The Dr Pressure Sydney team promises that can arrange a schedule and plan that will work with the requirements of the residents considering noise and access restrictions.

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