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Dr Pressure Sydney has significant experience and great client relations with Strata and Property Managers. Our cleaning services takes the hassle out of strata property management cleaning. Our cleaning solutions entail cleaning all the external areas of your strata property including building exteriors, eaves, fascia boards, roofs, gutter exteriors, driveways, pathways, bin areas, balconies, courtyards and more.

Whether the client requests that we clean the surface to improve physical appeal or to prepare the surface for painting and so on we ensure that our scope of works is clearly defined and there is no discrepancies between stakeholders. To ensure early communication outlying the clear works requested the Dr Pressure Sydney estimation team will provide the client with a grammatic image of the property detailing the scope of works using various colours and descriptions correlating to the line items within the quotation.

Our unique high pressure cleaning, soft-washing, sealing and graffiti removal methods ensure we can provide the solution for all our our strata and property management clients.

Dr Pressure Sydney utilises various techniques that ensures we are able to meet all our clients requests. Through having fully trained employees with the required licensing we can access heights and locations that many of our competitors can’t. Our comprehensive strata cleaning services remove dirt, grime, mould, moss and more to keep your complex looking fresh and well presented.


We can set up a regularly scheduled cleaning plan for your strata property to ensure that your building is always looking its best and to ensure conditions are as safe as possible for you and your tenants.

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