Brick & Blockwork (Post Construction)

Brick Cleaning Specialists

We understand the paramount importance of the final construction stage, where meticulous attention to detail is crucial for showcasing your property’s true potential. Our services extend beyond specialised brick cleaning, encompassing comprehensive final cleans and precise window detailing, ensuring every facet of your new build is immaculate.

We employ ISO compliant standards to safeguard bricks, joints, and other building materials, especially when using hydrochloric acid. Furthermore, we ensure the safety of neighbouring houses, taking extra precautions to protect adjacent properties and promptly cleaning up any residue or debris on their premises

Key Services: 

  • High Pressure and Block Cleaning (Acid & Non-Acid Wash)
  • Acid Brick Cleaning
  • Window Detailing
  • Final Cleans


Why work with Dr Pressure? 

  • 10+ years combined construction site experience
  • Strong knowledge and ability to safely navigate live job sites environments
  • ISO Compliant management, SWMS, Chemical Management Plus
  • Accredited, Licensed & Trained
    • General Construction Induction Cards (White Cards)
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Scaffold Awareness Training Working at Heights


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