Roof Cleaning

Dr Pressure Sydney offers roof cleaning to buildings with terracotta tiles and intact colorbond sheeting. Whether it’s a strata building or a private home, we thoroughly enforce safety precautions when working on roofs. Our Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and Working at Heights training certificates ensure that there is no damage to the roofs we clean and ourselves. 

  • Certified to work at heights
  • Fall arrest and fall prevention equipment
  • Elevated Working Platform Licensing
  • Gutter Cleaning.

Moss, mildew and dirt accumulate on roofs overtime which both damage its structural integrity and appearance. With the help of environmentally friendly chemicals a thorough pressure clean extracts all of the unwanted matter from the roof.

Roof cleaning is a job for people with the right training and accreditations. We have a team of experienced workers who ensure all work performed on roofs are done in a safe matter. This minimises any risk of damage to roof tiles and the framing beneath.

Benefits of Roof Pressure Cleaning…

  • Extends the life of your roof.
  • Increases curb appeal of the building.
  • Reduces risk of plant growth.
  • Increases flow of stormwater ensuring no flooding takes place.
  • Keeps the warranty in place for shingles.

The Dr Pressure Sydney team prides ourselves on our roof cleaning and through out extensive quality control procedures we ensure that we will deliver the best possible result for our client.

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