Council & Government Works

Dr Pressure Sydney provides local councils and government bodies with the most efficient and environmentally friendly pressure cleaning, sealing and graffiti removal processes. We are delighted to clean the local environment for our community ensuring that the Australian population have the right to be proud of where they live, work and enjoy their daily lives.

We provide our extensive range of services to the councils roadways, pathways, parks, maritime facilities, community shopping centres, sporting centres, leisure centres, libaries, community centres, playgrounds and much more.

Our extensive team of technicians provide:

  • The ability to work at heights through appropriate training in using Elevated Work Platforms and Working at Heights.
  • Night works to suit the requirements of the council.
  • Traffic & Pedestrian Management training.

Scheduling and Sequencing

Prior to the delivery of the requested services we will arrange a time that best suits the client and the community, We’ll provide innovative solutions tailored for the clients project and give an insight into how we can get the job done quickly, effectively and without interfering with the daily operations of the area.

Work Health and Safety / Environmental Management

Dr Pressure Sydney understands that councils and government bodies have a duty of care to ensure all businesses operating on their assets must abide by all regulations and legislation in place. We at Dr Pressure Sydney take pride in our safety and environmental practices to the point where we aim to exceed expectations. Through a range of management plans and policies that are in practice and governed into employees we ensure that our objectives relative to Safety, Quality and the Environment are met.

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